Common Denominator

These works came about as a direct response to the previous work I produced a few years earlier, 'A Crisis of Identity'

Following on from that work, I wanted to re-visit and develop the idea further and so began by constructing two collaged reference images from three very different faces, again found in magazines.

The faces I chose for this are different in every respect; gender, culture, race, age, and class.

Further development of these works are still very much in progress but the image below shows the beginnings of how I might go about pushing these images further via a range of different mediums and techniques, to include collage and image transfer.

From the collages, I began making detailed graphite drawings shown above, which I scanned into my computer and printed onto heavyweight cartridge drawing paper. From here, I overlayed the prints with high-grade oil-based coloured pencil so that I was able to retain the original graphite drawings and have a coloured version of each.

Click the images below to get a closer look at the coloured versions next to their corresponding reference collage and scroll down to see the coloured versions on their own.