About Me

Hi, I’m Christine Gallagher but you can call me Chris as all my friends do.

As you may have guessed by now, I am an artist who enjoys exploring a broad range of methods and techniques to create my art including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, image transfer, and digital drawing and painting.

My work has been displayed in many galleries and exhibitions including the Business and Design Centre as winner of the SAA Best Professional in Portrait and Figurative category and also the Mall Galleries in London as part of the prestigious Columbia Threadneedle Prize exhibition in 2016 and have gone on to sell my work overseas and to UK buyers via independent and joint exhibitions in the UK.

Most of my work is steeped in nostalgia and aims to be a celebration of a life less ordinary, depicting people, animals, and places to evoke bittersweet memories of our shared histories on this journey we call life.
I also sometimes attempt to highlight the delicate balance between life and death and therefore throw the transient nature of our existence into sharp relief.
There is an undercurrent of pathos present in my work, which I feel conveys a certain sensibility and reflects our preoccupation with the need to find meaning in our lives before facing the inevitability of death.

I am interested in parallels and the subtle interplay between what we perceive as ugly or beautiful, weak or strong, important or unimportant.

Some of my work is indeed difficult to look at and is certainly challenging but hopefully, beauty can be found for most in the fragility of its spirit.