Finding her Feet

Acrylic on canvas paper

The Study of Bees

Watercolour and Digital Media



Three Kings

Pyrography to Digital



I have often been asked the question, what is an illustration and is it different from the practice of drawing and, to be honest, I have not always had a clear answer. My best response is that illustration aims to provide a visual representation of a written description or a story, whereas drawing aims to explore the realms of self-expression.

The works on this page are all illustrations I have produced either to convey an idea, dream, or metaphor or to accurately describe something that human eyes don't usually see in normal circumstances aiming for anatomical accuracy.

Most are digital studies using a tablet and ArtRage 5&6 and a couple are a mixture of combined methods.

Please enjoy browsing and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any comments or questions about any of the art on this site.