Digital Painting
Traditional Painting

Painting for me is a deliciously messy, smelly, frustrating, glorious, soulful, and grounding no way is it, or should it be (in my humble opinion), relaxing! ...unless it is being used as a vehicle for healing and wellbeing in the form of therapy.

To my mind, it is meant to be so all-consuming that it causes many sleepless nights, lying awake trying to work out how to turn the current mess perched on your easel into something vaguely decent. In short, for me, it should fire passions and desires so I can find some semblance of peace in this horribly beautiful place we call earth.

Here, I invite you to browse two separate areas of my painting endeavours; my 'traditional' style works on canvas and wood and also my digital works, made using a tablet, a special stylus pen, and a computer loaded with software designed especially for the purposes of making art.

I currently use ArtRage 6 (recently upgraded from AR 5) and find it every bit as challenging as the former.

Although I am definitely a 'convert' to the digital age of art-making, I am also a die-hard lover of the messiness of paint and graphite and believe that one should not necessarily cancel out the other and there is enough room for all ways!

Please enjoy browsing and do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or queries about any of my work on this site.

Thank you for being here.