The Panotrait Project - Part Two

Once I had produced enough images to work with, I was now able to start the process of desconstruction and re-assembly to create variations of the face and for this I used 2 methods.

I first scanned and imported all of my artworks into photoshop and began experimenting with the possibilities digitally.

These images are the product of that exploration.

This image (above) became the catalyst for the final piece as the deconstruction process to create it demanded that I re-constructed each image side by side to essentially produce an image of 'twins' - two faces that look very similar but have very subtle differences.

For the final work, I chose two versions of the face to deconstruct and re-assemble into a matrix grid comprising triangles.

The process of deconstruction and re-assembly of the final work is shown in these two videos but the finished work can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here