Subverting the Iconic


Dead Fish


Leonard at work

The practice of printmaking was initially invented as a way for artists to duplicate their more popular and sought after works in order to make money and gain more recognition. The more people that owned a copy of your work, the greater the possibility of selling or gaining requests for your services.

This is still the case today, although, with the advent of digitial technology, the possibilities for getting art made into printed works are endless!

That said, the traditional methods are still very much practiced by artists today, not only as a means of duplication but just for the sheer love of the craft of printing and being able to play with the techniques and the possibilities.

I personally love the sense of trepidation when pulling a print as the results are never completely guaranteed, unless of course, you are a master printer, which obviously, I am not. I am however, happy to remain a curious novice and continue to experiment with the various methods such as these three; monoprint, linocut and drypoint.

Please enjoy browsing these examples and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any comments or queries about any of the work on this site.