The Panotrait Project
Part Two

The development process of the panotrait and an exploration of the possibilities.

Part One

The process of exploration of one face using many variations of mediums and techniques.

This project came about as an experiment via a meeting I had with the artist, Josh Bowe who coined the term 'panotrait' following the creation of a series of works based on the deconstruction of the same face to create complex and multi-faceted versions as a deeper exploration into the discipline of portraiture.

We have been friends on Facebook for many years and as I recently moved back to Chester, we agreed to finally meet up at his studio in Wales. At the time, I was keen to have a new project to get my teeth into, so Josh kindly set me on the path of the panotrait and asked for updates on the process.

I often document my work in progress, so I was happy to take lots of pictures and videos to share with him and also for my Youtube channel and social media platforms.

I have divided this project into two separate parts; 1 & 2 - the process of the initial study of one face and the development of the panotrait itself.