XmyART is a fun & focussed 10 WEEK art learning experience for adults of all ages and ability, from complete beginners to enthusiastic improvers.

You will learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting, mastering the tried and tested methods and techniques of:


  • Composition

  • Observation

  • Perspective

  • Colour mixing

  • Palette planning

  • Application

  • Refining and finishing


We will also learn how to ‘see’ like an artist, taking inspiration from

nature, the human face and form and the still life setting, so you will slowly build up a sound understanding of the subject and gain the confidence to draw and paint at home.

You do not need to have any prior experience, just an open mind and a keen interest in learning new skills, so it is perfect for the absolute beginner as well as the enthusiastic improver.

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Wednesdays between 1pm and 3pm, for 10 weeks from 26th February to 13th May 2020

(term time only) Vicars Cross Community Centre.  


The fee is £150 per person includes tuition, venue hire, resources, use of equipment such as easels and drawing boards which will be made available throughout the sessions. Payment in full is required in advance to allow for enough materials to be bought to cater for everyone.  Click here for full terms and conditions.



Click the button in the box on the right of this page to purchase and reserve your place via secure online payment and follow the instructions.


Alternatively, call me to arrange an alternative payment method on      

07976 647885 or email me at


Choose to pay via PayPal or Visa/Mastercard/AMEX


On completion of the transaction, you will be sent confirmation of your booking and have access to the introductory welcome information pdf document.




Fees are non-refundable. However, should you be unable to start or continue with the course at any time during the 10 week period it is possible that a portion of the fee may be refunded depending on the circumstances. Should this be the case, it is advisable to contact me to discuss as soon as possible.

Should I need to cancel the course, I will notify everyone as far in advance as possible. All or remaining fees will be refunded at the earliest opportunity. 

Punctuality & Attendance

Missed sessions are non-refundable. Please give advance notification if unable to attend and aim to arrive no earlier or later than 5 minutes before each session to allow for room set-up and to ensure the sessions can start on time.

Health & Safety

Participants are fully briefed on the health and safety policy and procedures pertaining to the venue such as fire regulations, smoking and escape routes in the event of a fire or emergency evacuation. All activities, equipment and materials utilised during the course have been tested and assessed by the tutor and deemed to be non-toxic and present very low risk to participants. All participants are required to take notice of the information given and observe the health and safety rules and regulations of the venue. Should you feel unsure about using any of the equipment or materials, or have any known allergies, please notify your tutor in advance.


Duty of Care and Personal Conduct

The course tutor has a duty of care for the general well-being and comfort of all participants during the sessions. Therefore, please refrain from the use of bad language and avoid conversation pertaining to politics, religion or anything that may be deemed antagonistic or disrespectful of race, gender or sexuality.


The course tutor reserves the right to exclude anyone who does not comply with the above. 


Thank you for your co-operation.


QUESTION: Do I need to have previous experience of drawing and/or painting?

ANSWER: The course content is aimed at those who consider themselves total beginners or those who have dabbled previously but feel they need to brush up (pardon the pun) on their existing skills. Whilst it is always helpful to have some previous experience, it is not at all essential and therefore, not a barrier to learning. The only essential requirement is a desire to learn, an open mind and a positive mental attitude. 

QUESTION: Do I need to bring anything with me?

ANSWER: All materials and equipment, such as paper, pencils, charcoal, chalk, easels, brushes, canvas etc, is provided to enable you to carry out all aspects of the course tasks and activities. However, you may find it useful to bring a folder (no smaller than A3) to keep your work in, an apron or old shirt to protect clothing and some wet wipes for your hands, although there are hand washing facilities available in the venue.


QUESTION: Why is the fee payable in advance and non-refundable?

ANSWER: Fees are payable in advance and non-refundable for two main reasons;


1. Materials, resource material, equipment and venue fees have to be sourced, bought and paid for in advance to ensure everyone who has booked is adequately catered for from session one. 


2. Experience proves that advance payment ensures full attendance and participation. 

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QUESTION: Does it matter if I miss a session?

ANSWER: The course is designed to deliver accumulative learning week on week where participants can gain a good understanding of the subject through systematic engagement via regular attendance. Therefore, to get the most from the course, it is highly recommended that participants attend all sessions. However, if a missed session is unavoidable, participants may access a brief written precis of the session content and also short video clips of the demonstrations via the Facebook group members page.

QUESTION: What is the Facebook group members page?

ANSWER: The main XmyArt Facebook page is the public facing social media presence which exists mainly for advertising and marketing purposes to attract potential customers. The group members page runs out of the main page but is a private area and so all images and comments are only visible to the approved members and those who are enrolled onto the course.  All members are granted access during their physical participation on the course and must comply with the general codes of conduct for use, outlined by the administrator and Facebook usage policy. An invitation to join the group will be issued once the administrator receives notification that you have LIKED the main page and have confirmed your identity as a bona fide participant of the course.  Click here to view the main page on Facebook.

QUESTION: Is it necessary to be a Facebook user to access the page and members group?

ANSWER: Yes, you must first join and create a Facebook profile to gain access to the page and join the members group. However, it is not necessary to join Facebook in order to learn and participate fully in the course.  The Facebook aspect is an optional extra resource that may enhance your learning experience for those that want it and feel comfortable with social media.

QUESTION: Am I able to borrow and take materials and equipment home with me for use between sessions?

ANSWER: All resources, materials and equipment as well as refreshments are there for participants to enjoy and use during the sessions in order to get the most from the tasks and activities week on week and are welcome and encouraged to take away and keep the work they produce as well as any course literature that is given as a 'hand-out' by the tutor. However, all resources, equipment and 'consumable' materials e.g. pencils, charcoal, paint etc, must not leave the venue and must be returned to the tutor after each session.  Your tutor will be happy to advise you about what and where to acquire your own equipment and materials for use at home.


PLEASE NOTE: The above has been compiled and written to provide generic answers to questions that have been put to the tutor from previous customers and enquirers. If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please contact me